Light and Bright Gourmet Collection Presets

Light and Bright Gourmet Collection Presets


Use my preset collection, developed specifically for food photography, to elevate your images.

Developed for use in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile, these stunning presets add clarity, depth and contrast and give your food photos that extra wow factor with a one-click application.

10 presets to choose from, crafted by me and used every day in my work.

You will receive the following presets:

  • Latte Preset
  • Meringue Preset
  • Vanilla Preset
  • Whipped Cream Preset
  • Lemonade Preset
  • Marshmallow Preset
  • Cheesecake Preset
  • Mushroom Preset
  • Buttercream Preset
  • Almond Preset

I love these presets. I created them to make my editing flow faster and easier and I use them on every single image that I edit.

Easy step-by-step installation instructions included.


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Before & After using the preset

Avocado Preset
Avocado Lightroom PresetAvocado Lightroom Preset
Meringue Preset
Meringue Lightroom PresetMeringue Lightroom Preset
Blueberry Preset
Blueberry Lightroom PresetBlueberry Lightroom Preset
Mocha Preset
Mocha Lightroom PresetMocha Lightroom Preset
Burnt toast Preset
Burnt Toast Lightroom PresetBurnt Toast Lightroom Preset
Strawberries & Cream Preset
Chocolate Preset
Burnt Toast Lightroom PresetBurnt Toast Lightroom Preset
Vanilla Preset
Latte Preset
Latte Lightroom PresetLatte Lightroom Preset
whipped cream preset