food photography guides

Food photography guides

Downloadable guides to support your success

Learn how to confidently brand your business, curate your props, sell your skills and set your pricing.

The business guides that never leave your side

Capturing beautiful food images is one thing, but turning them into a profitable business is a whole other skill set (or a bunch of skill sets as it turns out).

Luckily, I’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to. From pricing and props to pitching and branding, these value-packed guides contain everything you need to get your business moving – and they’re all yours to download and keep forever.

Price Like a Pro Calculator

Knowing your worth and pricing accordingly is one of the biggest challenges every business owner or side hustler faces. This simple calculator will help you draw boundaries around your working time and know exactly what to charge to stay profitable.
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Gluten-Free Coffee Shortbread
Eaasy Choc-Nut Protein Pudding

Prop it Like it’s Hot

You might be kitted out with the best camera gear, but what about your props? This guide helps you identify your style and curate accordingly, packed full of my secrets to sourcing and selecting the perfect props (without spending a fortune).
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Brand Like a Boss

Do you want your brand to look seamless on social media, but don’t know where to start? Wherever you’re marketing your business, a clean and cohesive brand identity is essential. Find your perfect look and feel today with my guide to Brand(ing) Like a Boss.
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brand like a boss guide
pitching business guide

Pitchin’ From the Kitchen

Does pitching your work fill you with dread? We’ve all been there; but now I’m here to help you silence that imposter monster once and for all. This guide gives you the tips you need to approach your ideal clients with confidence, plus a script to help you close the deal.
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business of edible images course

Go bigger with The Business of Edible Images

Want to go pro? Take your food photography career to the next level with my flagship course, The Business of Edible Images. Get lifetime access to all course material and downloadable guides, plus a supportive online creative community and weekly mentorship calls with Naomi.
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