Black Forest Dessert Jars

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Recipe by Naomi Sherman

Okay. The festive season is now officially behind us and the last thing we feel like doing is baking or spending forever in the kitchen, am I right?
BUT, it still feels like we deserve a little sweet treat, doesn’t it?
You know, something to look forward to at the end of the day (or breakfast, I’m not judging)
These Black Forest Dessert Jars are made out of a simple set of ingredients, all store bought, and they take about five minutes to throw together
Transportable so that you can take them for lunch, on a picnic, or eat them while hiding in the linen cupboard…what?
Go on, you deserve some sweetness in your life right now.


  • 1 chocolate mudcake

  • 1 jar morello cherries

  • 600 ml thick dollop cream (or whipped)


  • Set out eight 250ml glass jars.
  • Remove the icing layer from the top of the mudcake and then cut the cake into small cubes.
  • Place a layer of cake cubes in the base of each jar and drizzle with some juice from the cherries.
  • Add some cherries on top and then dollop cream over.
  • Repeat until the jar is full, dressing down a little bit as you go.
  • Finish off with a dusting of cocoa powder or some grated chocolate.
  • Chill in the fridge for an hour before eating.